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His family had big decisions to make.
And only a small amount of time
to make them.

Don Quante found his mission in 1984 after experiencing the firsthand effects of not having the right plan in place for his grandmother (and client), who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.


His family had big decisions to make. And only a small amount of time.


But no one they could find had direct experience in helping families make the right decisions in a situation like that. They fought as long as they could. But unfortunately
, their best wasn’t quite enough. After fighting her disease for over seven years, Don’s grandmother passed away broke in a Medicaid bed.


Don vowed to help others avoid having to watch a grandparent’s life-savings vanish paying for basic needs to get by. Because our seniors deserve better — and frankly, so do their kids.


After she passed away, Don learned all he could about what, if anything, can prevent this from happening to anyone else.


Then Don decided the right thing to do was change his life. And so he did. He immediately made it his personal and professional mission to provide sound, solution-focused financial advice for anyone undertaking long-term care planning and asset protection.


Right away, Don realized illness and finances are two sides of the same coin: healthcare. In healthcare, those who can’t afford preventative care often end up paying more.

It works the same way in finances. Failing to have a gameplan for future financial hurdles can make the hurdles bigger and add hoops to jump through.

A situation that once felt hopeless, Don realized, was totally manageable — but only if you plan for it. That’s the good news. And there are lots of strategies to choose from.


Today, Don is the nation’s most prolific teacher on the topic of long-term care. He has held thousands of workshops across the United States, has appeared on television and is the host of a weekly radio show called Eldercare Financial Radio. Don also wrote two books to help people protect their assets from the cost of long-term care. His first book, an Amazon Best-Seller, is titled “Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home.” It’s a must-read for anyone who is dealing with a parent or a loved one over the age of 80 and in need of care right now. The book will guide you through the maze of government bureaucracies, teaching you how to receive Medicaid benefits and how qualifying Veterans may be able to receive up to $26,000 to pay for long-term care.


In his second book, “Tax-Free Money for Long-Term Care,” co-authored by his long- time business partner, Ed Lulkowski, they address what you should be doing if you
are between the ages of 50 to 80 to receive tax-free money to pay for long-term care expenses. The book describes little-known strategies and government tax incentives that will allow you to pay for your long-term care in the most tax efficient, cost-effective way.


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